The following system-wide enhancements have been made to ConcentrixCX to enhance the user experience. These do not require any configuration.

  • Share Modal – We have updated the display & UX for the share & schedule options in ConcentrixCX. These updates were made to allow for a more efficient UX when sharing reports via email with other users.

    Management Dashboard

    Share Via Email

  • Text Analytics – Emerging Trends Detail – The Emerging Trends Detail view will now display percentage signs automatically, in addition to when you hover over a given row in the report.

    Text Analytics

  • Scorecards – The filter drawer will now include the calendar option for all scorecard views, so that users can filter these views by a custom date range if necessary. Score Cards


The following bugs have been resolved. These do not require any configuration.

  • Automated Translation of UI - Several bugs were addressed this release to correct various issues with the UI translation service, which are as follows:
    • Widget titles within Scorecard views will now not extend past the boundary of the widget – if the title is too long, it will “ellipse” and the full wording will display when a user hovers over the widget title.
    • The options in the append drop-down feature within the comments view are now translated.
    • The quick-date buttons would become misaligned when translated to a non-English language. This has been fixed and will now properly align for all languages.
  • Widget Alignment within Dashboard Views – Within several dashboard views, some of our comments widgets were slightly off in terms of their alignment with other widgets. This has been fixed.
  • Hierarchy Filter Label – For some projects, long hierarchy filter labels were extending past the boundary of the hierarchy filter area within the filter drawer. This has been corrected so that any label that is long will “ellipse” so that all filter labels stay within their designated areas. Users can hover over the labels to see the full title if need be.