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Voice of the customer powered by ConcentrixCX

Meet ConcentrixCX

The Voice of the Customer platform that helps turn customer experiences from “so-so” to spectacular. Concentrix is the only CX company that takes one of the industry’s most advanced customer feedback platforms and combines it with experience management services tailored to you. Let us help you learn from customers and employees, predict behavior and power actions that generate unwavering loyalty and financial growth.


At a glance, you’ll be able to:


Know the Journey

Engage customers for feedback at any point in their journey, no matter how they choose to communicate with you.


Unify CX

See your customers’ experiences across any touchpoints or journey, in a single place.


Innovate at Scale

Onboard tools harness employees’ experience-based ideas for transforming CX.


Activate Employees

Coaching tools and a rewards center inspire your frontline to think and act “customer first.”


Deepen Relationships

Case management tools re-engage customers when they need you the most.


Turn Words into Action

Text analytics explores unstructured data, uncovering what matters most to your customers.

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