The following system-wide enhancements have been made to ConcentrixCX to enhance the user experience. These do not require any configuration.

  • Dashboard Legend - ConcentrixCX will now display an attribute’s full wording/label when a user hovers over an item that is too long to display in the legend of the dashboard. Dashboard Legend

  • Text Analytics Dashboard - - When reviewing comments in the text analytics MTD/YTD dashboards, you now have the option to download the comments into a CSV or XLSX file. Text Analytics Dashboard

  • Data Export – When ConcentrixCX users export data to Excel with no filters applied other than the standard MTD time-period filter, verbiage was updated to indicate “BETWEEN” so that users know it is a range of data included. Data Export


The following bugs have been resolved. These do not require any configuration.

  • Dashboards with Translation – An issue was detected where the drop-down selection for time periods in dashboards was misaligned when translation was applied. This has been corrected so that all aspects of the drop-down are aligned properly.
  • Responses by Question – Chart view - An issue was detected where “no data available” messaging would remain even when applying filters that should have displayed actual data. This will now display properly for all scenarios.