The following system-wide enhancements have been made to ConcentrixCX to enhance the user experience. These do not require any configuration.

  • ConcentrixCX “In-App” Notification - ConcentrixCX will now display configured notifications. These notifications are currently being used to notify users of our production releases and will display if you are logged into ConcentrixCX. Placement of these notifications will be in the top right corner. ConcentrixCX Notification

  • The following notifications will automatically happen prior to a production release:
    1) A 48 hour notification of when the release will occur.
    ConcentrixCX 49hr Notification 2) A warning message 5, 10 and 15 minutes prior to the actual downtime.
    ConcentrixCX Notification Warning Messages

  • Data Export - When performing a data export with a month to date filter, this date range will display in the Excel/CSV output in the first row.

  • Crosstab Metrics – Table View - ConcentrixCX users are now able to perform a copy and paste from the values that are displayed via keyboard controls. To perform this action:
    1) Select the cells from the table view. These cells will now be highlighted.
    2) Select Copy command [Control+C] on the keyboard.
    3) Navigate to where this is needed.
    4) Select Paste command [Control+V] on the keyboard.
    Crosstab Metrics


The following bugs have been resolved. These do not require any configuration.

  • Emerging Trends view - An issue was detected where ConcentrixCX wouldn’t show the configured number of decimal places on the value when the value was an integer. This will now display consistently.
  • Responses by Question – Chart view - An issue was detected where the chart view was always displaying the data in a descending order by percentages. This will now display by order of the punch.

    If the Responses by Question view is configured to limit the number of answers displayed (i.e. only show top 10), then this will continue to display in descending order.