The following system-wide enhancements have been made to ConcentrixCX to enhance the user experience. These require configuration and coordination with the Implementation Consultant team.

  • Closed Loop – Email Follow-up - As part of the evolution of the closed loop process, the CX platform now has the ability for the CX user to directly send an email to the respondent from the alert view in CX, without needing to navigate around. Text Analytics Dashboards

  • The CX user will select from a list of pre-defined configured templates. These templates can have client branding included in the footer. Text Analytics Dashboards

  • Upon selection, this will automatically open the alert user’s default email and send the response from their email. If the respondent’s email address is part of the VOC record, then this will automatically be included in the "To" line. If needed, once populated in their email, the CX user can also tweak the email.

    • The first time a user is setting this up they do need to make a designation from the browser. This has been documented and can be provided. Text Analytics Dashboards


The following bugs have been resolved. These do not require any configuration.

  • Exports/Downloads: Users were intermittently receiving the following errors when downloading or exporting. The following views were experiencing a server Issue when exporting. This has now been fixed and exports/downloads will be successful

    • Client Comments
    • Usage Report Text Analytics Dashboards
  • Closed Loop – Reassignment: Users were experiencing an error intermittently when reassigning closed loop alerts. The message received:

    Text Analytics Dashboards

    • This was caused by a record lock not being released under some circumstances. This has been fixed and the record lock will now be released appropriately.
  • Other Specify Export: Resolved an issue with random data being appended from one column to another in the Other Specify Export.

  • User time-out workflow: The time-out workflow has been corrected for non-SSO users when the ConcentrixCX system times out and you are prompted to re-enter your user id and password. Previously, this would take the user to a page not found and the user had to close the browser and enter in the ConcentrixCX url. This has been fixed and when the user enters proper credentials, it will log them into ConcentrixCX successfully.

  • Hierarchy Filters: In the filter drawer, if the user had a date range selected and then went to set a hierarchy filter, the hierarchy selectors would randomly move. This has been fixed and will remain in its current position

  • Loyalty and Effort Dashboard: Occasionally, when toggling between viewing the results in an Ascending and Descending order on the horizontal bar chart, the graph would jumble together. This has been fixed and will display properly, allowing the user to toggle.

  • Coaching History: If an individual was coached on VOC results from previous month, the verbatim wasn’t displaying in the coaching history unless a filter was set. This has now been fixed, so that whenever the coaching history is brought up, the verbatim that the individual was coached on will display.

  • Coaching History: When viewing the coaching history Step 3, the sentiment icon wasn’t displaying fully. This is now fully displayed. Text Analytics Dashboards

  • Crosstab Metrics: When viewing the chart view of the crosstab metrics, the "Total & Avg" will always be on the top. Regardless of viewing the results in ascending or descending.