Text Analytics Dashboards

  • We have officially released 2 new views to our CONCENTRIXCX Text Analytics module. These new dashboards provide the ability for users to extract actionable insights captured through large volumes of unstructured data using interpretive visualizations.

  • Provided through an annual and/or monthly dashboard view, users can quickly bypass timely analysis utilizing these Text Analytics views to:

    • Prioritize areas of opportunity to quickly determine where to take action
    • Understand top category volume trends to identify emerging issues
    • Highlight categories offering a positive/negative experience
    • Comprehend change in sentiment or volume to determine impact

    Text Analytics Dashboards

For more information regarding Text Analytics capabilities, please refer to our Fact Sheet


Closed Loop Actions:

  • We have updated our Closed Loop Individual Record to enhance the UI with an “Actions” drop down which will host several user actions that have been configured within the project. This new feature will help organize the actions a user can take when closing the loop with their customers.


Configurable Details Button:

  • The option to remove the “Details” button previously included in every widget on dashboards is now a configurable element to the dashboards.



FIXED: A few bugs have been fixed on the Key Metrics Trend Widget.

  • There was a slight mismatch in colors between the legend and line that has been updated to use the same color.
  • The line chart will now appear when the reports are shared or scheduled using the utilities gear box “share” function.

FIXED Team Performance widget on the Management Dashboard is now refreshing data as expected– prior to this bug fix there were sporadic instances where this widget was not refreshing in real time when switching between months.

FIXED: The chart view of the Crosstab metrics has been configured to accommodate negative values including sentiment.