• We have enhanced our Weighting capabilities with a new, configurable feature. The ability to apply Weighting to certain dashboards and reporting views is now available through the filter drawer. (This enhancement requires configuration)

  • Dashboards

    • Loyalty and Effort
    • Management Dashboard
    • Executive Dashboard
    • Client Issues Experienced
  • Reporting Views

    • Response by Question
    • Cross Tab Metrics
    • Text Analytics: Emerging Trends Detail
    • Text Analytics: Emerging Trends
    • Individual Scorecards


  • The Frontline Dashboard now supports up to 12 configured attributes in four rows of three. (This enhancement requires configuration)

    Frontline Dashboard

  • The new Multi-Lingual interface allows users to view CX in another language. Once configured, the user can select another language from a dropdown in the bottom right corner of the screen. More than 100 languages supported, but the end user only has access to those languages that have been configured. Initially, this is only available in the web version of CX. (This enhancement requires configuration)

    Multi Language

  • The date filter selection is persisted when additional filters are applied. For example, if you apply a date range then add a hierarchy filter and apply again, the originally-selected date range will remain. (This enhancement does not require configuration)

  • When navigating the Cross Tab Metrics view between Table and Chart, the category is now persisted. The user no longer has to re-select the category after navigation. (This enhancement does not require configuration)

    Multi Language


  • The following fixes were deployed to ConcentrixCX to help improve the user experience.

  • Scorecards

    • Sharing a scorecard that has no data now shares the selected scorecard, regardless of whether it contains data.
  • Exported Survey Data

    • Issues handling quotation marks in survey data exported to CSV have been corrected. Data is no longer split unexpectedly across cells.
  • Coaching

    • Errors encountered while saving Coaching and Closed Loop records have been corrected. Users can now save these records without errors.
  • Dashboard Sharing and Responses by Question

    • Email addresses copied (cc'd) on shared dashboards are now correctly processed and emails are sent as expected. When sharing the Responses by Question view, the % Answered column will always display a graph along with the value. This corrects an issue where the graph was occasionally missing.

    Multi Language