Reset Password Process for non-SSO users

  • FIXED: The process and timing of the Reset Password email has been adjusted for non-SSO users when they request a password reset.

Management Dashboard – Team Performance Widget

  • FIXED: The following items for the Team Performance widget on the Management Dashboard have been fixed.
    • Prior to this release, the data within this widget would intermittently be lost for some users after a series of clicks or time spent on this dashboard. This bug has been fixed, so users will not lose any of the data presented in this widget.
    • The Details button within this widget will now navigate to the accurate Performance Scorecard selected from the Top Performers or Under Performers tab. Prior to this fix, the user would be brought to the first option listed within the Performance Scorecard instead of the Top/Under Performer that was selected on the Team Performance widget.

Coaching Suite

  • FIXED: The following items within the Performance Coaching Suite have been fixed:
    • In some cases the attribute alignment within the Manage Coaching report and Coaching History report was inconsistently reported. This bug has been resolved and is working as expected - the attribute coached will now be reflected consistently in the Coaching History report.
    • On rare occasion, when sharing a Performance Scorecard with a previous date filter applied, the data would revert back to its first date filter selection. This bug has been fixed and the sharing of Performance Scorecards is now functioning as expected.
    • Some users were experiencing a bug within the Coaching Snapshot report when the trends were not accurately reporting that coaching had occurred. This bug has been resolved and the users will now see a coaching session logged accurately on the Coaching Snapshot going forward.

Sharing and Scheduling Email Notifications:

  • MODIFIED: To prevent emails from not sending, CX will now not allow special characters in the subject line when setting up email notifications to be shared or scheduled.