• We’ve enhanced the Individual Survey Details report to improve the user experience. Now when reviewing a record, a scroll bar is available for survey records that include a longer list of details/fields. With the scroll bar, the header of survey detail report will now freeze in place so that the user can access the header information conveniently from anywhere on the screen. Prior to this enhancement, the header would scroll out of view as the user moved down the page making it inconvenient to access the information configured in the header section.

    Individual Survey Detail

  • The Closed Loop Individual Record screen has been updated to include several enhancements to improve the experience of our users.

    • Now when drilling into an individual record, the user will not be able to edit the record until the user selects the Edit Record button. Once the Edit Record button has been selected, the user will be able to make changes to the record. When the user is finished making the changes, they will select Save to save their changes or Cancel to cancel their changes. If a user has selected the Edit Record, all other users trying to access the record will not be able to make changes.

    Manage Alerts

  • User notifications have been added to alert the user if they have been in a record idle for a certain amount of time as a reminder that they have not made any activity on the record.

    User Idle

  • Additionally, after 30 minutes of inactivity the record will be automatically unlocked and the user will receive a notification.

    Lock Released


  • FIXED: Multiple bugs have been fixed on Performance Scorecards to further improve the user experience. A sporadic bug which returned a “no results found” message on the table view has been fixed. Previously, depending on the question types for some clients and programs, the questions were impacting the view reporting “Results Found,” but no table would be included or “0 Results Found,” when survey results were available. These periodic bugs have been fixed! Additionally, the dropdown selection on this reporting view would display “Loading” when there was no data available. This bug has been fixed to display “No Data”.


  • FIXED: A bug found when appending fields with long text variables to the Comments Report has been fixed to enable the text to wrap within the column. Prior to this bug being fixed, the variables would overlap into the next column. Now when long text fields are appended, the user will have a better experience!

  • FIXED: Users were experiencing a bug with Dashboards not showing the correct trended change from previous months. This bug only impacted programs with the alternate calendar views enabled and has been fixed to show the appropriate trended change from previous months.

  • FIXED: A bug impacting a few programs with the “Team Performance” widget on the Management Dashboard has been fixed. Previously, the legends within this widget were shown out of order for some users. The bug has been fixed and the widget labels are now ordered correctly.