• A new, configurable feature has been added to enhance our Text Analytics engine providing the ability to automatically translate unstructured data in 90 languages. Automated language translation enables a scalable solution for CX professionals to capture a holistic view of the customer experience. Configuration is required + additional costs involved.

  • Now available with configuration, the ability to update quick date filtering buttons with an alternative calendar. The feature is perfect for programs with non-standard fiscal years requiring an alternate calendar view. Implementing this feature improves the user experience by reducing time and effort. Configuration is required.

    Alternate Calendar


  • Dashboard widgets with legends can now support metric labels up to 25 characters to provide clarity to users. Configuration is required.

    Legend Character Count

  • The order of questions listed in the Individual Survey Details record can now be configured to display questions by request instead of the programmed order. Configuration is required.

  • The Enhanced Project View tiles will auto adjust alignment of titles for an improved user experience.

    Enhanced Project View


  • FIXED: Previously, when sharing or scheduling the Emerging Trends report in the Text Analytics Suite, the PDF provided only shared Level 1 categories. Now, if the users have drilled into the Level 2 categories before sharing these reports, the PDF provided will include the Level 2 categories as expected.

  • FIXED: An intermittent error was occurring for some users when searching for customer records within the Customer Search/Responses by Project report. The error has been resolved and that bug has been eliminated.

  • FIXED: The thumbnail of PDF documents posted within the Resources > Documents view was not displaying for users within some versions of Internet Explorer. Prior to this bug fix, the user would see a blank space until hovering. Now the Documents View works as expected in all browsers.