• FIXED: In some cases, the kudos and notifications dashboard widgets were sorting survey comments by date. We fixed that bug and now the comments found within the kudos and notifications widgets will consistently sort comments based on the sentiment score as intended.

    Cross Tabs

  • FIXED: A bug that was impacting the comments report download feature (released in v1.26) has been fixed. Previously, when downloading the Comments Report with a Keyword search applied, the download was omitting the keyword filter downloading all comments. Now that this bug has been fixed, the keyword will be applied to the comments that are downloaded as expected.

    Key word search

  • FIXED: In some scenarios, when using the Cross Tab Report, if the field selected in the lefthand dropdown included values exceeding the maximum number of results able to be shown and required a scroll bar – depending on the project and user role – some users were unable to see the scroll bar in order to review the entire list of results. This has been fixed universally enabling all users to view the full list of results with Cross Tab Reports across the platform.

    Key word search