• Downloading media files is now configurable for audio and video. Users can download clips securely from the CONCENTRIX CX MEDIA CENTER. Implementing this feature enables convenience for users to safely listen to the voice of their customers.

    Audio Downloads


  • FIXED: Occasionally users experienced frozen date filters when updating monthly dates from the dropdown located on dashboards. For the most part, this was noticed when users quickly and repeatedly applied date filters. We fixed the caching issues that were causing the frozen date filters and dashboards will filter by month as expected.

  • FIXED: Intermittently, Word Clouds within Text Analytics reporting views were not rendering and the report would display a blank window. We’ve resolved the cause of this issue and the Word Cloud will display for users going forward.

  • FIXED: When Microsoft Edge was the browser of choice, users were seeing phone numbers displayed as a hyperlink. We’ve corrected that and the phone number now appears as expected.

  • FIXED: In some instances, vales were missing within the hierarchy filters. Although infrequent, we were able to fix this for our users to improve their experience.